11 Best Things To Do For Your Newborn

tips for newbornsNewborn tip #2: Establish a healthy sleep routine

Let your baby set her own sleep routine, and be consistent with her sleep times. “This will teach her to sleep when she is tired and start a pattern she’s likely to continue,” advises Andrea McCoy, M.D., medical director of Temple Pediatric Care at Temple University Children’s Medical Center.

In the United States, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is still responsible for more deaths beyond the newborn period than any other cause. Heed these newly revised American Academy of Pediatrics sleep guidelines to prevent SIDS:

  • Babies should sleep in a crib (or bassinet) near or in their parents’ bedroom. Bed-sharing increases suffocation risk.
  • Place infants on their backs to sleep. No side sleeping: Babies tend to roll from sides to tummies.
  • Infants should sleep on a firm baby crib mattress (covered by a sheet) without cushy bedding (pillows, quilts, etc.) in a room that isn’t too hot.
  • Encourage tummy time when healthy baby your baby is awake to prevent flat head syndrome from being on her back too much. Create a Safe Household Infants need a safe environment to thrive.