5 Grossest Health Problems for Kids

From our friends at ParentsAsk.com

Parenthood is no doubt a hard but immensly satisfying job.  But it can also be a very dirty job  with the tasks at hand leaving unsuspecting parents with sights, smells and yes, even microscopic pests coming out of or threatening to go into their precious offspring.  

The list is long, but we asked our Parents Ask expert, Dr. Cara Natterson to share the 5 ickiest health problems for kids (warning: don’t read while eating!):

5. Lice. They are creepy and itchy, but they are so common that we should all expect them to visit our home sometime. Having lice has nothing to do with hygiene—you can be very clean and still have lice in your hair. How to avoid them: don’t share hats, pillows, combs or brushes, or anything else that rubs against your scalp.