A Guide to Infant Massage

Begin with the legs and feet. Rest your hands on the leg of choice.  Say “Relax,” as you cup the leg in your resting hands.  Once the baby relaxes the leg say, “Good relax.”  You will do this resting hand maneuver on each body part before you massage the area.

Now, begin with a basic stroke with gentle squeezing pressure on the leg in your hand as you bring your hand down from the hip to toes.  Once to the foot, alternate hands and begin the same stroke. The stroke should be firm enough to massage the muscle. This stroke can be repeated a few times.  Move to the foot and walk your thumbs over the sole of the foot.  Next massage each little toe while saying, “This little Piggy.”  Repeat the sequence with the other leg and foot.

Oil your hands as needed and move to the abdomen with resting hands.  Massage in half moon circles beginning in the baby’s right lower quadrant and moving to the left lower quadrant. Massage from the center of the chest outward, as if you are flattening the pages of a book.  Resting hands on the arm and begin stroking down the arms in the same fashion as you did the legs and again roll each finger as you recite a childhood rhyme.