Baby Car Safety for Hot Days

baby car safety

By Nicole Gregory

Baby car safety is about more than just rear facing car seats. When the weather starts to warm, being smart about baby car safety for hot days is essential. Here’s what every parent needs to know.

Remember: Car heat causes death.
Never leave your baby or toddler alone in a car, not even for a minute, not even on what you consider a mild day and not even with the window open, says Safe Kids USA. Here’s why: Car interiors heat up faster than outside temperatures, and last year 29 babies and toddlers left in cars died of hyperthermia—otherwise known as heatstroke, a condition in which the body gets so hot it is no longer able to regulate its temperature.

Tragically, many of these cases happened because parents forgot that their quiet or sleeping babies were in their car seats. To ensure baby car safety on hot days, Safe Kids USA suggests placing your purse, cell phone or lunch bag beside your baby’s car seat so you’ll remember she’s there when you reach for it as you get out of the car. Or make it a habit to call a caregiver or family member when you’ve dropped your baby off at daycare.

Shade your child on the road.
Another tip for baby car safety in the summer: Keep in mind that sunlight can stream through the car window on your baby in her car seat. Install car window shields made to protect backseat passengers against sun glare and UV rays.