Baby Costs: What to Expect the First Year

baby costsThe baby cost: Decking out the nursery

Safety in the nursery is your first priority. But you want your baby’s room to look cute, too, and that sweetness can come with a heavy price tag. Solid wooden cribs are sturdy and stylish, and can ring in anywhere from $500 to $1,200 dollars. But the reality is, all new cribs are certified to meet federal safety standards, Field says, so whether yours costs $200 or $1,200, it’ll get the job done. Just check for solid construction by shaking the crib slightly, and make sure it’s free of loose frames, slates, and sharp corners. Then, there’s your baby’s crib mattress, which can run between $150 and $200 (green crib mattresses are more expensive).

As for other big pieces like bureaus, changing tables, and rocking chairs, don’t worry about spending big with a pricy set. The right mix of mismatched, secondhand pieces can give a sweet, shabby chic vibe.