Double the Fun

Though some stores give discounts for families who have twins or higher-order multiples, larger-scale donations of formula and diapers from major manufacturers are more rare than they once were. At the same time, family and friends with babies, social service agencies, nonprofit groups, and support groups can be good sources of hand-me-downs and can help you meet the needs of your babies.

Some changes may come as more of a surprise. Having less time for each individual baby can make you feel guilty or sad. These emotions can become even more complex if you already have other children. Any stress and fatigue associated with caring for your kids can sometimes have an impact on your relationship with your partner.

Yet despite all of the challenges, multiples also bring great rewards. You’ll get the unique chance to love several babies at once and marvel at the relationship between them, which is a very special one. And there’s a fascination surrounding multiples that is hard to deny.

Multiple Baby Basics
When caring for multiple babies, it’s important to recognize the need to recruit extra help. Some families hire help, some rely on volunteered time from extended family members, neighbors, fellow parishoners, or support groups for parents of multiples. Before your babies are born, think about the levels, sources, and types of help that would feel the most comfortable for you and your family.

Volunteers could bring food, bathe babies, shop, clean, or babysit while you nap or get out of the house. They can even run errands for you. But also consider how comfortable you’ll feel having other caretakers in the house, which can compromise your feeling of intimacy and privacy with your family.