Gross Motor Skills: Milestones

The following milestones will give you an idea of what to expect and
when. If your toddler is slightly behind the curve, don’t panic—chances
are she’s just a late bloomer. But if she’s way behind her peers, weaker on
one side of her body or regressing in her skills, check with a pediatrician.

11–18 months:
Walking unaided

12–15 months:
Starting to crawl upstairs

14 months:
Standing alone for longer periods. Bending over and
standing back up again without losing balance. May
begin to walk backward.

15 months:
Lying down from a sitting position

18 months:
Climbing onto a chair, turning around and sitting.
Walking more steadily.

2 years:
Walking well. Climbing on and off of furniture.
Running. Climbing up and down stairs alone, with two
feet per step.

2–3 years:
Jumping with both feet

3 years:
Riding a tricycle with feet on the pedals. Standing on
one foot for a very short time.

3–4 years:
Going up and down stairs alone, alternating feet