How often should I be breastfeeding? Is it possible to breastfeed too much?

Watch the baby, not the clock. In the early days, babies typically need to nurse 8-12 times per 24 hour period.

Watch your baby for signs of hunger. Crying is one of the last things a baby will do to indicate he/she is hungry. Hungry babies will start to root their head around, searching for a nearby breast. They may smack their lips. An older baby might suck on a fist or finger. They may start making little grunting noises, the ones you’ll remember later when your baby is all grown up! When you see these signs of hunger, feed your baby.

Some babies do what’s called “cluster feeding” where they nurse frequently for a period of time. Many moms find this time tends to coincide with the dinner hour. It’s OK to stop what you’re doing and put your feet up for a little while to nurse your baby. While the days may seem to pass slowly, the years are quick.