How to Install Your Car Seat

Common Misuses of LATCH

• Using LATCH in the center position of the back seat. Unless your vehicle’s manual states specifically that you can use the center position of the back seat for LATCH, you cannot install a car seat using the LATCH attachments. Use the vehicle’s seat belt instead. 

• Using both LATCH and the vehicle’s seat belts to install the car seat. Use either LATCH or the vehicle’s seat belts, not both.

• LATCH connectors installed upside down

• Not tightening LATCH strap or using top tether when seat is forward-facing

• Not following manufacturer instructions. If your vehicle’s manual doesn’t mention LATCH (ISOFIX), you don’t have it and can’t use it. You may, however, have a top tether anchor for use with the car seat’s top tether when the car seat is forward-facing.

• Using LATCH attachments to secure a booster seat. Some combination seats, seats with harnesses that convert to a booster, can only use LATCH when used with the harness. Read the car seat owner’s manual when converting the seat to use as a booster.

• Using the tether anchors behind the back seat as LATCH attachments. The locations of LATCH anchors generally are marked on the vehicle seat. The vehicle’s manual will also state the location of LATCH anchors.

• Using a locking clip while using the LATCH belt