New Parent Newborn Guide


Diligent diapering
Babies need a diaper change 10 to 12 times daily, so all parents manage to get the hang of this pretty quickly! Here are some tips that will have you diapering like a pro ASAP:

• Have everything you need—diaper, wipes, cream—in arm’s reach. Babies are wiggly and can fall if you’re not right next to them.

• Use the appropriate diaper size. Too big and you’ll be cleaning more than your baby’s tush!

• Using a washcloth or baby wipe, clean your baby from the front to the back (especially girls) to prevent the spread of bacteria from the rectum that can cause urinary tract infections. For boys, place a clean diaper over the penis while cleaning him. (Exposure to air often causes little boys to urinate—all over the changing table, the walls and you!)

• To prevent diaper rash (red, puffy and tender skin in the buttocks, thighs and genital area), change your baby immediately after a bowel movement. After cleaning and drying completely, apply a barrier ointment to prevent or heal a rash. Our experts recommend products containing zinc oxide.

• Never dab a baby’s bottom with powder that contains talc, which can harm a baby’s lungs if inhaled.

• Call your doctor if a diaper rash doesn’t heal in several days, if pus develops or if it extends beyond the diaper area.

• If you opt for cloth diapers, eschew safety pins and use new parent-friendly varieties with built-in Velcro tabs, which you can adjust as your baby grows.

• Let your baby go native for a bit of time every day to give sensitive skin in the diaper area a chance to air out.

• Wash your hands after every change to prevent the spread of germs.