Sealy Mattresses Win Women’s Choice Award

For over 20 years Sealy has been making crib mattresses so baby and parents can have a peaceful night of sleep. We take great pride in our crib mattresses made of the finest quality materials and workmanship right here in the USA, so naturally we are ecstatic over our Sealy crib mattresses winning the Women’s Choice Award. The Women’s Choice Award is given to America’s best baby brands for being brands that moms would most highly recommend! Behind the Women’s Choice Award is the voice of female consumers who help each other identify businesses who deserve their loyalty and referrals. The Seal of Excellence symbolizes women who are helping women identify businesses that value the customer experience and appreciate the needs and preferences of their female consumers. Now you can rest assured that when your baby is sleeping on a Sealy crib mattress, thousands of moms are giving you 2 thumbs up for giving your baby the best sleeping environment possible. The Women’s Choice Award is one more proof that baby sleeps best when on a Sealy crib mattress. To read more about our Sealy crib mattresses and the Women’s Choice Award, please visit the Women Certified website. Sponsored by Sealy