The Nursery Safety Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

nursery safety tipsNursery safety tip #2: Don’t overlook outlets

Most of your outlets will sit at your baby’s eye level when she’s on the floor, so naturally, you’ve got to cover them up. But sealing them with plastic two-prong covers might not be the best idea: Since you’ll have to remove the covers to use an outlet, you might forget to replace it (plus, your little one could easily remove them once she hits toddlerhood). Instead, opt for horizontal swivel outlet covers, which slide open and don’t have to be removed when you need to plug something in. (One to try: Mommy’s Helper Safe Plate Automatic Outlet Safety Cover, $3.29 at Another nursery safety tip: While you’re covering the outlets, be sure to sweep any baby monitor cords out of reach, or opt for a wireless model.