“Why I Quit Breastfeeding”

Why I stopped breastfeeding: Milk supply

According to a poll by TheBump.com and Breastfeeding.com, 25% of women who didn’t or won’t breastfeed said they tried but simply weren’t able to. Deonne Benedict, a nurse practitioner and a mom who breastfed, says that in her experience one of the main reasons women believe they can’t breastfeed is because of a lack of milk supply. “Milk supply may decrease—for various reasons, often with return to work or not pumping to keep up supply,” said Benedict and that’s when many women choose to quit. Lyndsay Szymanski President/Owner of Pumping Station and mom of two, quit breastfeeding her first child after her supply took a huge hit. “Which is how I found out I was pregnant [again] in the first place,” she said.

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