Your First Week of Breastfeeding

Day 1

During your first week of breastfeeding, you might be alarmed if your milk doesn’t come in right away. Don’t worry, it’s normal: For the first few days after giving birth, your body produces colostrum, a yellow substance filled with everything your baby needs, including plenty of protein and powerful antibodies for his new immune system. (Mature breast milk will arrive within three to five days after giving birth.)

During those first 24 hours, your baby may be sleepy and not want to nurse much. Rest, cuddle, and allow your little one to feed as often as she wants. Your only other job? Stay close. “When babies and mothers are allowed to just be together, it brings out mom’s maternal instincts for keeping her infant comfortable. It can also bring out the infant’s instincts for learning to feed,” says Christina Smillie, M.D., pediatrician and founder of Breastfeeding Resources, a medical practice devoted solely to breastfeeding mothers and babies.

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