Fun Halloween Crafts



Black cats, angry bats, ghoulish ghosts, pretty pumpkins, candy corn and more will come together to make one stylish garland for you and your tot.

What you’ll need:

Child safe Scissors
Construction paper or felt (orange, black, white, yellow, purple depending on your design choice)
Child safe Glue
Googly eyes (optional)
Marker (optional)
Clipart (find online or make your own templates)
Hole Punch

What to do:

1. Cut out the shape of your choice using an online template or a template you and your child drew (remember this doesn’t have to be perfect) and trace onto either construction paper or felt.

2. If your child is old enough, have them cut out the pattern using safety scissors. Otherwise let them direct you in cutting.

3. Continue cutting patterns until you both are satisfied (or as long as your child is interested in sitting.)

4. You can punch holes in each cut out as directed by your child.

5. Use markers (which is perfect for younger children) or googly eyes (which should be done by an adult) to add to the patterns if desired.

6. Take string, cut to the desired length, and let your child slide the patterns on to the string. You can use tape to secure in back.

Hang up your garland and enjoy!