Is P.E. Class Pointless?

By Lindsay Goldenberg

As a former geek who used to use doctor’s notes to get out of school P.E. classes, data released last week from the European Congress on Obesity tugs right at my heartstrings.

A team of researchers from the Peninsula Medical School in the U.K. measured the physical activity of 206 children, one set that got an average of 9.2 hours per week of scheduled Physical Education, and another that got just 2.4 hours and 1.7 hours per week, respectively.

The findings were music to non-P.E. loving children everywhere. The researchers discovered that regardless of how much P.E. the children got during school hours, by the end of the day the children had the same amount of physical activity (and the same intensity).

So why is so much federal money being funneled into school for more P.E. classes (to the tune of $320 million)? Maybe that money should be spent on feeding our children healthier lunches with fruits and vegetables.

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