Mom Says No to Flu Vaccine, School Gives it Anyway


File this under BIG MISTAKE.

In November, the Rock Hill school district began offering the H1N1 vaccine to all 8,000 elementary school students in the district.

What happened was this. Mom Natasha Jones had apparently signed a consent form allowing the school to give her children the vaccine. But, after visiting her children’s doctor, he advised against it because Jones’ 6-year-old daughter, Korrin, had ashtma.

So, on Tuesday the mom went down to the school personally to tell the nurse to throw out the original consent forms and for her to NOT administer the shots.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, the school claims a clerical error happened, and Korrin was given the vaccine anyway.

The mom now reports the daughter had to stay home because she was not feeling well. Watch the video here, and leave your thoughts in our comments section. Is the school to blame? Would you be mad?