Plan an Inauguration Party

Article courtesy of our friends at bloomacious

We all know you’re watching the inauguration next week, either in person or on TV.  If you’re supposed to work, get a good excuse in mind now, because we know you aren’t going in.  (tip**—start sneezing and sniffling now.)

If you’re staying home, remote control in hand, why not invite a few friends over and make a day of it?  We have a few ideas for decorating and creating food for this momentous occasion, and thought we’d share them here!

1) You want to strike a patriotic theme, but not the 4th of July.  Resist the temptation to decorate by putting flags everywhere.  Instead pick one central item, like a stars and stripes cupcake cake (pictured) and let a simple color palette flow around it.

We love using either red or blue and decorating with various shades of either color.  Red is a good bright pick for parties that include kids and a relatively relaxed, buffet type atmosphere.  Blue is a little moodier and more sophisticated.

2) Since the crux of the party will invariably be eating (the inauguration will take place at noon) and gathering near the TV, a buffet with snacky foods is really the way to go.  A fun idea is to make a variety of the favorite foods of past presidents, set them out on trays with signs that signify what they pertain to. (Get some get “Presidential Recipes” on the next page.)

3) Make a fun, non-alcoholic “Sparkling Presidential Punch” that everyone care share (recipe below).  A punch bowl has a nice, special feel that is just perfect for the swearing in of a new president.

4) If you have a large crowd coming, try to arrange seating for everyone.  There are a lot of events that will go on for hours, and you want to enjoy them without fighting over space on the couch, sitting cross-legged on the floor, or having people hover above you uncomfortably as the watch with you.

5) Have a party, not a debate (or a brawl).  Make it policy for the day not to discuss politics ~ and don’t gloat or complain if you’re in a mixed political crowd.  This is not a day for Democrats, or Republicans, it’s for all Americans. You’ll want to drink in the moment without getting worked up.

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