Spring Showers? Make Watercolors!

Ages: 18 months+
What You’ll Need: Rain gear, food coloring, paper plates

Turn gray skies into rainbows with this colorful rainy-day painting activity.

Just put on slickers and boots, drop a few shades of food coloring onto a sturdy, rimmed paper plate, and head outside. (Note: Food coloring can stain hands and clothing.)

Have your child hold the plate or lay it down on the lawn. A torrential downpour will create a moment of bright excitement before washing the plate clean, while a light shower will leave you with a vivid keepsake—and an early lesson in color mixing.

Sunny skies alternative: Is there a dry spell where you live? Swap the rain gear for a swimsuit and use your hose or sprinkler, set to a heavy mist setting, instead.

Activity courtesy of Familyfun.go.com