5 Nursery Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Nicole Pelletiere

Crib—check. Comfortable chair for feedings—check. Baby monitor, décor, changing table—check, check, and check!  When it comes to having the perfect nursery, you may think that you already have everything you and your baby need.

“Of course all moms want their baby’s room to be adorable, and it will be, but there are certain items that will create an environment of relaxation for you and your little one. Why not create the perfect beginning?” says Summer Hartman, Certified Newborn Care and Child Sleep Specialist.

Thing is, some of these items tend to get overlooked. Here, Hartman’s list of the nursery essentials you didn’t even know you needed.

White noise machine

Tempted to tip-toe in the hallway? A white noise machine will help keep your baby sound asleep in dreamland—regardless of any outside sounds—by soothing her with comforting sounds like the rain or ocean. Use for both naps and bedtime.

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Black-out window treatments

Total darkness in her nursery will give you more control over your baby’s nap and sleep schedule—even if it’s still light outside.  as to when they go down and night and what time they wake up.

Try: Sweet Dreams Suede Window Panel

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Fan (ceiling or upright)

According to a 2008 study from Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, babies that sleep in a room with a fan are 72% less likely to die from SIDS than babies who didn’t have fans in their rooms. Fans may improve air circulation and prevent your baby from re-breathing exhaled carbon dioxide. Place one near your child’s crib to create a gentle source of air flow.

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One that runs cool mist will allow baby to breathe cleaner air, protecting him from dust particles, bacteria, and even the risk of seasonal illness. Run it while he sleeps or throughout the day—just be sure to clean it regularly to prevent harmful bacteria buildup.

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Mini Fridge

If baby’s nursery isn’t close to the kitchen, you may want to have middle-of-the-night bottles within easy reach. A mini fridge means fewer trips to the kitchen and (hopefully) will get you back to bed quicker than you thought!

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