Bargain Babe: Earth Day Deals!

Celebrate Earth Day this Wednesday, April 22, 2009, by making your life greener and taking advantage of some great freebies available.

1. Get a free roll of Reynolds new recycled aluminum foil (worth up to $4) when you visit their Web site on Earth Day. Go here to set up a reminder email.

2. My Green Electronics is a cool site that lets you calculate how much electricity each appliance and gadget sucks by the minute, day, month and year. Knowing the cost of each item may help you cut back.

3. Get $1 and $2 off coupons for Seventh Generation products when you register on their site.

4. Yahoo! has a “green” page with many money-saving tips, like using baking soda as a home cleaner and buying an LCD TV instead of a plasma TV, which uses twice as much energy. If you have covered all the basics, read their ten tips to go even greener.

5. The site 123 Greetings has 10 free earth day cards you can send electronically to friends.

6. Get a free medium drink at Peet’s Coffee when you buy one of three green products, from $5 to $22. Peet’s regularly gives ten cents off if you bring your own cup and twenty-five cents off when you reuse a bag. They also give away coffee grounds for your garden or compost bin. Just ask.

7. Find local deals by Googling “earth day deals + 93167” or whatever your zip code may be.

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