Breastfeeding Doll Coming to U.S.

The breastfeeding doll that was a hit overseas is now heading to the U.S., it’s manufacturer said in a press release last week.

The breastfeeding doll, which will retail for $90, will allow little girls (or boys!) to pretend to breastfeed the doll. The toy comes with a halter to be worn by the child, which has two flower petal sensors where the nipples would be. When the breastfeeding doll’s mouth comes close to petals, it makes a suckling sound.

The toy has been extremely successful in Spain, and the manufacturer, Berjuan, hopes to have the same success stateside. However, it hasn’t been an easy ride for the breastfeeding doll so far, and it has been met by critics who think the doll will force girls to grow up too fast.

What do you think about the breastfeeding doll? Is it a step forward, or just plain weird?