Etsy Talk


As part of our new series, we’ll talk with our favorite designers from who bring us the fabulously unique mom, baby, and toddler gear we love! Designer:Brooke Rogers frombubsicle

What does she design? Unique apparel for little ones.

New Parent: How did you get into design? I went to school for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. While working for an account manager in an advertising agency, I missed my opportunity to be creative. Once I had my son, design came easy and I love seeing him wear his bubsicle onesies and t-shirts.

What motivated you to start your own Etsy store? I have a few friends on Etsy and I shop it regularly. I love that it is a place to find unique, handmade items. I thought my product would fit in wonderfully. There are other designers who do a similar applique process, but I think my designs are simple, yet eclectic with my fabric choices.


What is your favorite item you are currently selling?I love my dinosaur onesie that wraps around the back.

Do you have a favorite design website or other Etsy seller you love or get inspiration from? I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite Etsy seller, as I love everyone’s creations for individual reasons! I like a variety of sites such as and