Get “Neat” and Organized with NeatDesk

By Nicole Pelletiere Being a parent, makes it feel impossible to get organized.  Between back-to-school season, doctor’s appointments, and supply lists, it’s a wonder how one can find a place to store all those documents.  Created by The Neat Company, NeatDesk is a digital filing system that is sure to be “Mommy’s Little Helper”. After installing the Neat software (PC or Mac), you connect the NeatDesk via USB port.  The device has the capacity to scan 30 different documents in three different categories at one time (10 regular-sized documents, 10 business cards, and 10 receipts).  When the two smaller front trays are removed, you are able to then scan up to 50 regular-sized documents at once. The most amazing feature about the NeatDesk is how quickly it scans.  It was unbelievable how fast the papers went through the machine and popped up on the desktop screen.  Not only did the documents go from paper to digital in an instant, but the Neat software had already analyzed and pulled out all the important text listed on the papers.  Valuable information from receipts such as: store name, date, and amount, are all stored for future reference.  Scanning receipts to places like Quickbooks is a great way to look back at previous recipe ingredients, or even keep track of family budgets. Moms and Dads can stay organized with Neat also by archiving important documents such as: medical records, insurance records, and expense reports.  All can be exported to popular financial software such as TurboTax, providing less of a headache during tax season preparation.  Your child’s report cards and artwork all are saved as digital images so you never misplace those precious memories. The NeatDesk is the ideal solution to saving time and space; no more having to rustle through junk drawers filled with piles of papers to find what you are looking for.  NeatDesk allows you to get rid of waste and clutter to make room for you and your loved ones.  Start the next school year off on the right foot and get organized! To learn more, or to purchase a NeatDesk, go to The Neat Company Store. Nicole Pelletiere is a writer based on Long Island, New York.  She created her blog The Nifty Nanny ( to connect with parents and caregivers, share stories, arts and crafts ideas, and to explore her love for children's literature.  She also studies the development of infants and toddlers to satisfy her keen interest in child psychology.