Last-Minute Gift Ideas

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Ack!  Where did December go?  It’s already the 21st, and you still have gifts you have to buy!  Breathe, people, breathe!  We’re here for you!  Here are 9 last-minute gifts:

1.  Gift cards

The obvious choice.  A lot of grocery stores now sell gift cards from everything from chain restaurants to Itunes to high-end retail stores.  Really desperate?  Lot of sites send email gift certificates so shipping time is virtually nil.


Today is the last day to order and have your gift shipped by Christmas for free if you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime (or if you have Amazon Prime).  You can order as late as December 23rd if you use the $3.99 one-day shipping.  You can cancel within one month if you don’t like the Amazon Prime service.

3.  Ornaments

Stop into your local Michaels, Hallmark store, or Target to purchase ornaments that won’t break the budget (but will be kept for years to come).

4.  Homemade coupons

Know something that your giftee wants, and they don’t have a gift card for it?  Don’t want to just fork over cash?  Make a homemade coupon that your friend or family member can "cash in" later on.  Great for lessons, classes, etc.

5.  Harry and David gift basket

Give the gift of deliciousness.  They’ll even upgrade you to express delivery for free.  Pass us the Moose Munch.

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