Last-Minute Gift Ideas

When you’re giving your husband a gift this year, why not give in terms of something all of us needs: relaxation, organization… you get the picture.  Here we list 7 amazing gifts that keep giving throughout the year:

1. Stress Relief

All of us are stressed these days.  Heck, even Zen Buddhists are.  Never fear, this stress-relief pillow produces the sound of a heartbeat in the meditative state, calming anyone who puts head to heart (pillow).  Your spouse will transform from a workaholic to a pillowaholic!

2. Good Food

Step aside, the Grill Master is here.  Purchase this travel grill set, and your husband will be able to say, "Those briquets need to be stacked in a pyramid." anywhere he goes.  Comes with a fork, spatula, tongs, and a basting brush.

3. Good Music

Does your husband have dreams of being a rock star?  Well you can’t make him the next Englebert Humperdink (kidding!), but you can give him this drum kit.  It plugs into your computer and rolls away for easy storage.  Don’t be surprised if you hear, "Hello Cleveland!" shouted from the home office.

4. Organization

Give a gift to your husband that’s also a gift to yourself.  This golf organizer keeps all of his gear neat and tidy.  It’s easy to assemble and will clear up your garage lickety-split.

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