Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

By Momversation Time moves fast, doesn't it? Mother's Day is May 10, and you haven't made Mother's Day plans or bought your mom a gift. Not to worry. Here are some last-minute Mother's Day ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your mom's face (don't forget to print this out for your husband, hint hint).* Take advantage of where you live. Take your mom to the beach, historical spots, or the cheesey tourist areas that you haven't been to since you were a kid. * Google “Mother's Day Events” and your city, and take your mom to a fun community outing. They're usually inexpensive if not free. * If the weather's nice, why waste it? Have a picnic at the local park, go on a hike, laugh at the antics of animals at the zoo, or stroll along with mom in botanical gardens. * Hire someone to clean your mom's house from top to bottom; better yet, clean it yourself. * Have a food delivery service send her dinner once a week for a few months. It's one less thing she has to worry about. * If she's still looking after little ones, offer to take the kids for the day and let her sleep, watch TV, read a book… just have a breather! * If money's not a concern, book her a night in a posh hotel, send her to the spa, and let her be pampered (for once). * If you have some time, buy your mom and iPod Shuffle and fill it with her favorite songs and artists, not to mention a few new ones you think she'll like. * Buy her a digital picture keychain, and fill it with pictures of her grandkids, pics of her and your father, and/or pics of you and your siblings as children. * Do you have a special skill? Give your mom a coupon for lessons in your expertise, such as “10 Lessons in Blogging.” * Buy your mother a subscription to a magazine that she'd love. Create and/or print out a certificate telling her of the subscription, and gift it with the current issue of the magazine. * If all else fails, send mom a gift certificate, and take her to a nice dinner. And next year, try to remember Mother's Day just a little earlier. ;) Check out the great videos on!