Little Pnuts: A Unique Toy Company for Your Little Pnut

By: Nicole Pelletiere

We’ve heard of magazine, movies, or even diet food subscriptions, but how about toys for children?  Little Pnuts offers a special delivery system with educational toys, organic toys, and sustainably made toys that would come to them every season, for the child to open and enjoy.

“It’s always nice to hear the positive feedback we have been receiving from moms about their “little pnuts” reactions to our Special Deliveries. We’ve been told that they will sit for hours, playing with the toys we’ve chosen for them, from the very moment they open their delivery. This truly reinforces the fact that we really are helping moms to provide their little ones with the tools to expand their horizons and fall in love with the idea of Imagine.Create.Play.” founder Melissa Bossola Beese shares with New Parent.

Each Little Pnuts package contains three to five toys tailored for your child from birth to five years old.    It is delivered right to your home four times per year, keeping you out of the mall and your little one away from the television while stimulating their sense of learning and creativity.

The toys that arrive at your door are all multi-dimensional, constantly challenging children to get to the next level.  They enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop focus and concentration.  Let’s not forget that in the midst of all these developmental milestones, your child will still be having fun!

By having fun with Little Pnuts toys, your child will be getting back into imaginative and creative play.  We often see people so connected electronically that they have forgotten to disconnect and once again, enjoy life.  Little Pnuts stands by their mission to provide families with the tools to engage with one another and for parents to play with their little ones.

By providing parents, grandparents, and family friends with the quality, earth-friendly toys, Little Pnuts is accomplishing their mission—connecting children not only with learning, but with their loved ones as well.

For more information, or to sign up for a Little Pnuts subscription, you may visit

Little Pnuts offers 3 unique Special Delivery programs to choose from in addition to member only Special Occasion Add-ons. Each Special Delivery features products thoughtfully curated by our experts. Each delivery will also include a newsletter featuring descriptions of your product, helpful expert advice, playtime suggestions, brand information and a way to provide feedback on your delivery. Your opinions and suggestions are the key to our continuing to provide you with the best toys and to enhance your community experience with other parents.