Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads

Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads

Price: $10 for 60,

Features and benefits:

  • Effective protection to prevent leaks and maintain dryness
  • Extra thin design with contouring pleats and adhesive tape
  • Super absorbent material with a leak-resistant pocket and extra liner
  • Discreet under clothing with a smooth, feminine shape

What the Resident Moms say

Reviewed by: Sarah
Mom says: With a one year old daughter who is still nursing during the day, I have had to wear nursing-friendly clothes for quite some time.  After trying the Medela nursing pads, I was able to wear a “regular” bra and shirt again, as the pads are contoured and can be discreetly hidden beneath most shirts well.  Other brands of pads are much too bulky, but the Medela pads have a thin design.  There is one adhesive strip on the liner, which is much better than cloth pads and helps it stay put during the day.  However, while trying these pads during the night, I had trouble with them falling out and I would have preferred to have had stronger adhesive to keep it in place.

The Medela nursing pads have a better absorbency than many other brands of disposable pads that I have tried.  When my daughter was younger and I was leaking much more, it was irritating to wear pads with a plastic liner.  I felt like I was changing them all the time to keep feeling dry and to prevent soreness.  The Medela pads wick away the moisture and keep me feeling comfortable all day.  I have minimal leaking now and was able to put on a new pad in the morning and not change it until I was going to bed.

Though the Medela pads are slightly more costly than comparable pads, like the Lansinoh disposable pads, I would be willing to pay that minute difference to be able to wear my regular clothing and a thinner bra once again.  They are also individually packaged, so I can easily carry several in my purse to conveniently change them as needed.
Pros:  Absorbency, comfort, contoured fit
Cons:  Weak adhesive liner
Rating: B+

Reviewed by: Kimber 
Mom says: These pads are a great! They are very thin making them discreet, yet they are very absorbent. They are not bulky even when totally saturated. They are larger in diameter than most other brands which means better coverage and less chance of leakage. The adhesive on the back is very helpful, especially when wearing camisoles instead of bras. The pads are very soft and did not further aggravate sensitive nipples. They seem to have moisture wicking qualities as well.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these to other moms.
Pros: Absorbent, soft, discreet, provides great coverage
Cons: A little on the expensive side, large diameter might not be to the liking for very small breasted women
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Lin
Mom says: Overall the Nursing Bra Pads worked well.  I did not have any leaks while wearing the pads and they are a lot thinner than the other brand I have tried.  The one problem I had was with the adhesives.  They did not really work to keep the pad in place.  I would buy these again.
Pros: Thin, absorbent, affordable
Cons: Adhesive does not keep pad in place
Rating: B

Reviewed by: Misty
Mom says: The Medela breast pads are some of the best disposable breast pads I have used.  They are discreet, absorbent, and stay in place well.  I have been unable to wear some of my shirts due to the fact that the outline of the breast pad was clearly visible under them.  I was able to wear those shirts with the Medela breast pads.
Pros: Discreet; absorbent; reasonably priced
Cons: None
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Kelly
Mom says: Since using the disposable nursing bra pads I’ve experienced a sense of confidence because I know I won’t leak while I’m out shopping. The pads are very absorbent and are kept in place by the adhesive tape. They are so effective in preventing leaks and I feel comfortable while wearing them because they aren’t bulky. These bra pads are on my list of favorite breastfeeding products!

Pros: Absorbent materials, thin design, individually wrapped (good for sharing with other moms!)
Cons: None
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Amy
I have been nursing for quite some time, and have been using a different brand of nursing pads. They were working okay, so I never thought to try another brand. Now I will stick to the Medela nursing pads for sure! They are much thinner, lighter and comfortable. I really like the fact that they are each individually wrapped. I also think the little sticker on each pad is a bonus, keeps them securely on the bra. I no longer lose my pads after nursing sessions!
Pros: Nursing pads are thin
Cons: None
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Allie
Mom says: I have and continue to exclusively nurse my 8 month old son. Needless to say I am familiar with using bra pads. I have been using a different brand but was excited to try these! After the first use I was instantly happy and will be switching from my old brand. I love how they are individually packaged which makes it wonderful to stash a few within the diaper bag without worrying about getting anything on them. The contour worked great because all I had to do was unfold and it was ready to curve to me without having to do much adjusting! Not only did it fit will but it also absorbed well. I didn’t have any worries of leaking through or of the pad not being absorbent. The pad does have the benefit of having an adhesive strip on the back to help keep the pad in place but I found that it wasn’t a big help for me. I am blessed as some would say so the adhesive wasn’t useful for me when I would sit to nurse but I was happy to see that a brand did have that option. All in all I am beyond happy with my experience with the Medela Nursing Pads!
Pros: Individually wrapped with a contoured fit. Adhesive strips on the back to help hold to inside of your bra.
Cons: None
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Sandra
Mom says: The Medela disposable nursing bra pads are comfortable to wear and leave skin dry after leakage. They fit well and do not show through bra and clothing. Are extra thin for discretion. Individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience. Material inside doesn’t get clumpy and bulky. However, the outer lining can be a bit noisy when moving so that it is more apparent that you are wearing a nursing pad.
Pros: Extra thin design, good contoured shape and dryness protection.
Cons: Somewhat greasy.
Rating: B

Reviewed by: Christie
Mom says: I live in South Carolina and am a first time mom to a now 15 month old little girl. I had my doubts about on if I would be able to breastfeed the whole time, and thanks to the Medela Pads, we have been able to do so. The Medela nursing pads were great at keeping myself and my clothes dry, even during the night when we had more leaking then during the day time.
Pros: Super absorbent
Cons: The nursing pads weren’t “sticky” enough and came off easily.
Rating: B