Resident Mom Review: Medela Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap

Medela Quick Clean Breast Milk Removal Soap

Price: $8.99, Features and benefits:

  • Removes stubborn breastmilk residue up to 3 days old.
  • Clinically tested under physician supervision not to cause skin irritation.
  • Safe and hypoallergenic with no added fragrance or taste that might discourage baby from breastfeeding.


What the Resident Moms say

Reviewed by: Megan Mom says: Now having two kids, two and a half and five months, the days go by so quickly. One of my daily chores is washing out bottles so that there are enough for the next day to come. My five month old has never had formula so her only nutrition is breast milk. I have found that breast milk is very difficult to get clean and very sticky! Typically to get a bottle looking decent I have to use hot water, soap and a bottle brush. Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap helped to make this process a little faster. Once I soaked the bottle parts in the sink, I found hot water worked better than warm water, I was able to scrub less with the brush to reach my desired results. In fact most pieces I didn’t have to scrub at all. Once I rinsed the bottles looked great. Unfortunately when they dried they were once again cloudy (which is something I hoped the product would take care of). I would recommend this to a friend, but unfortunately it’s not the miracle I was hoping it would be for sparkling clean bottles. The bright side, my five month old wasn’t bothered by it at all so no weird taste or perfume left in the bottle after cleaning. Pros: Has no smell, convenient pump, hypoallergenic, clinically tested Cons: Doesn’t seem to do any better of a job than regular soap Overall rating: C Reviewed by: Allison Mom says: I was really excited to try Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap. I work part-time, and at the end of each shift I come home with a container full of pump parts with breastmilk residue. When I first tried the soap I was a bit skeptical. It seemed quite watery to me and I couldn't imagine it getting everything really clean. But after a few minutes of soaking and rinsing, it really seemed to do the trick! I really like having a quick, easy way to clean my pump parts without having to scrub each little piece. The bottle advises you to fill the sink with water and 3 squirts to let your parts soak. However, I tend to think of my sink as a not-very-clean place. I don't really want my pump parts soaking in there. Besides which, I only have a handful of parts to wash at a time. So instead of soaking in the sink, I just used a large bowl to soak my pump parts so that they weren't in contact with the dirty sink surfaces. My daughter is getting older, my milk supply is tapering off, and I'm reaching the end of my need for cleaning breastmilk residue, but I would recommend this to other pumping moms for a quick and efficient way to clean their pump in between uses. Pros: Quick, easy, no scrubbing Cons: Another bottle on the countertop Overall rating: A Reviewed by: Melissa Mom says: I have been breastfeeding and pumping for a while now. I have notice that after I pump, I have noticed that after I wash the parts I would still see some milk residue. When I first used Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap I actually let it soak for a little longer then it suggested. It did a good job in cleaning the pump attachments. I also like the fact that it is hypoallergenic with no added fragrance since my baby 's food touches these products. It's a nice product. Pros: Cleans great! Cons: Price is a little high for a small bottle. I tried checking in the stores but was hard to find. I could only find on the internet. Grade: B Reviewed by: Samantha Mom says: Finally a soap meant to clean breastmilk residue!! The soap works great. The first time I used it, my pump flanges and bottles were squeaky clean.  There was no film left and I didn't have to scrub to get it clean.  I would, however prefer that the soap was applied directly to the pump parts and bottles instead of having to soak them.  I'm a very busy mom and don't want take the extra steps required to soak the parts.  Overall I would give this product a 4 out of 5. Pros: Pump bottle makes cleaning a snap, gets pump parts and bottles clean with ease, fresh scent Cons: You have to soak the parts—should just be able to wash and go Overall rating: A- . Would be an A+ if you didn't have to soak the parts in a particular ratio. Reviewed by: Shayna Mom says: I am a mom of a 7 month old. I primarily breast feed and pump. I love Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap because I can fill the sink with hot water and soap before I start pumping and when I'm finished throw all the pieces in and attend to the baby. When I'm ready to rinse, the pieces are all clean and dry without spots. I also used it on a bottle that had been lost for about a week and it came out perfectly clean with no scrubbing. I have looked online and the prices seem really reasonable but I have been unable to find the product in the local stores. Since a bottle lasts for 25 washes it won't be hard to stock up when we go to Babies R Us. Pros: Easy to use, safe for baby, last for a lot of washes Cons:  Hard to find in a small town Overall rating: A Reviewed by: Elizabeth Mom says: I have been breastfeeding my son for a year now and I am washing bottles from daycare, pump parts, storage bottles, etc. daily.  I was so excited to be given the opportunity to try Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap. I have been using regular dish soap to wash my bottles and pump parts but always felt there was a breast milk residue that still was on the bottles and especially the tiny parts of the pump accessories no matter how many tiny bottle/nipple brushes I had used. I followed the directions on the bottle.  Filled up my sink, put three quirts in and let all the bottles and parts soak for about 5 minutes.  After those few short minutes I picked up the first bottle and could instantly tell the breast milk residue was no longer there.  This was never the case with regular dish soap.  Using the bottle brush probably wasn’t even necessary!  I love this stuff!  Just wish I would have had it sooner as my breastfeeding days are coming to an end soon.  I will be telling all my new mom friends to check it out! Pros:  No mess bottle, hypoallergenic, quickly dissolves breast milk and leaves bottles squeaky clean! Cons:  Expensive Overall rating: A Reviewed by: Marie Mom says: The first of its kind that I have seen. I was amazed and how quick and efficient this soap works. The soap had no smell and a light liquid that's thin. Mixed with soap it bubbles up fast and with just 2-3 squirts you can feel the warm water has enough soap, I soaked my breast shields, tubes, membranes for five minutes then rinsed, everything came out spot free after air drying. Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap I find very useful at any time. I have a bottle upstairs as well as in my kitchen for quick cleans of my breast pump parts and pacifiers I would certainly recommend this to any mom. It cleans bottles, pacifiers and other baby items too. No scrubbing is very helpful when you are busy caring for your baby and really need to wash items quick. I love the ability to remove the pump and replace it with the cap it came with for easy storage and travel. Great product!! Pros: pump and cap option, no smell, fast working, does what it says, no residue left over, 6oz in the bottle which is plenty. Cons: it seems to be limited in stores. I only see it at babies r us. And price. 8.99 is a little high for soap. Might as well just buy the steam bags Medela makes. Overall rating: A Reviewed by: Mary Mom says: I work full time and pump twice a day at work. Medela Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap definitely worked well when I didn't have the time to hand wash each of my pieces. I have two sets of pumping parts so I usually just get both sets dirty, stick them in a plastic bag, and wash them every evening. It was nice to be able to just put these in the sink using the recommended three pumps per gallon of water. It cleaned them up really well. It didn't seem to leave any trace of milk behind on my pumping parts, and then I wiped them dry afterwards, put them back in my plastic bags and they were ready to use the next day. I still feel the need to sanitize them at least once a week or at least wash them with hot water and soap to give them a good scrub - but it's only because it just feels right to me. It's nothing against the product! I plan to continue using this product because it is a great timesaver on nights when I just don't want to spend all the time handwashing each piece. Pros: Quick and easy to use, straightforward directions, timesaver Cons: Still have to sterilize parts on occasion Overall rating: B Reviewed by: Samantha Mom says: As a working mom of two under two, one of the daily chores is cleaning the breast pumping components, bottles for collection and feeding bottles.  The Medela Soap works as advertised; however doesn't stand out as being superior to a dye-free, scent-free dish detergent. Pros: good dispenser, no suds Cons: price, smells like window cleaner. Rating: B- Reviewed by: Monica Mom says: I run an in-home daycare and many times I don't get to clean my daughter's bottle immediately after she eats. The breast milk soap is wonderful. I soak her bottles in it and the milk comes off so easily. I even gave it the 3 day test by leaving a bottle sit and it did a fabulous job cleaning the bottle. I've recommended this product to my family and friends who are breastfeeding. I love the fact that it is unscented. My daughter is very particular to scents, she won't breastfeed if I am wearing perfume or scented lotion. So having the soap be unscented is important to me. Pros: Unscented; does what it says! Cons: Pricey - I don't know if I would pay $8.99 for it Mom rating: A

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