Medela Tender Care Lanolin Advanced Nipple Therapy

Medela Tender Care Lanolin Advanced Nipple Therapy

Price: $10,

Features and benefits:

  • Offers soothing relief and provides protection for dry, sore, and tender nipples
  • Made with all-natural ingredients and 100% safe for mom and baby
  • Glides on smoothly and gently with a no-mess application
  • No need to remove before breastfeeding

What the Resident Moms Say

Reviewed by: Kimber
Mom says: This nipple therapy worked fine. It did provide relief and seemed to help heal some cracks. It took about 3 days of use to see big results, but the moisturizing qualities were noticed immediately. My baby didn’t seem to notice or mind the ointment on my nipples either. I myself tasted a little bit (I wouldn’t use it until I had tasted it for myself) and the taste is mild and unobtrusive enough.

It was a little greasy and thick feeling so I had to “air out” before applying it which made it difficult to use when doing on-the-go feedings. I also did not see much difference in this treatment compared to previous treatments with coconut oil.

Overall, I’d probably recommend this to moms who are a little put off by more “natural” treatments like coconut oil.
Pros: No obtrusive taste or smell, moisturizing, convenient packaging
Cons: Greasy, thick feeling, on the more expensive side
Rating: B+

Reviewed by: Sarah
Mom says: The Medela Tender Care Lanolin came at the perfect time!  My one year old daughter has 8 teeth, and she has recently been biting me accidentally, causing much soreness and irritation every time I would nurse her.  I used it after each nursing session and within only a day or two, the pain was gone.  The lanolin has a very smooth consistency and is easy to apply.  It is so much easier to use than similar products, which are thick and difficult to squeeze out of the tube.  A little bit goes a long way, so it’s not necessary to use more than a minimal amount to see results.  The Medela Lanolin is also made of all natural ingredients and is completely safe for baby.  I was concerned that my daughter might notice a difference with the taste, but she nursed just as much and did seem to mind that I had the lanolin on.

I would recommend always being sure to wear nursing pads when you use the lanolin, as it can stain if it gets on clothing.  It is, however, easy to wipe off your fingers after you apply it, unlike other, greasier formulas and creams.
Pros: Smooth, helps soothe soreness, all natural ingredients
Cons: Stains
Grade: A

Reviewed by: Lin
Mom says: I didn’t experience any cracking so I don’t know how well it works for that, but I found the lanolin to be very soothing.  The one problem I had was the difficulty in squeezing it out of the tube.  It took a lot of squeezing before even a little came out.
Pros: soothing, don’t have to wash off before feedings, does not stain
Cons: difficult to squeeze out
Rating: B

Reviewed by: Misty
Mom says: I am a nursing mommy that understands the sometimes uncomfortable side of breastfeeding.  The Medela Lanolin cream really does help to relieve the dry, chapped feeling.  It is also a good moisturization tool for the chapped area around babies mouth that sometimes occurs.  I highly recommend this product.
Pros: Effective moisture; thick, yet spreadable
Cons: None
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Kelly
Mom says: The lanolin has been a great relief for me. I notice that when it’s almost time for my menstrual cycle, my nipples get sore and tender. I’ve been using the lanolin when this happens and I can tell how soothing it is afterward! It is easy to apply and safe for baby too because it is made with natural ingredients, which is a plus. I will definitely be purchasing this.
Pros: All-natural ingredients, safe for baby
Cons: None
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Amy
Mom says: My nipples are sometimes sore after a long nursing session. The Medela lanolin lotion is very soothing and moisturizes my skin well. However I do not prefer the consistency of it, it’s a bit sticky and tacky. Therefore I won’t use it unless I absolutely need to. The smell of the product is acceptable.
Pros: Lotion is soothing
Cons: It’s a little sticky
Rating: A-

Reviewed by: Allie
Mom says: I was hesitant to use this cream for fear of my son ingesting anything harmful but was immediately assured of its safety after a little research. I do (and have) exclusively breastfeed my 8 month old son and haven’t used any form of cream for my nipples. I knew of the creams but didn’t have a desire or need to try them for myself. After a week of using the lanolin after every nursing and shower, I was pleased with how soft my nipple area was and the difference it made. The cream went on smooth and was easy to wash off without having a greasy feeling. After using it for a week, I will be sure to keep a tube on hand as well as recommend it to all my nursing mommas.
Pros: Smooth feeling when appealed and leaves the skin feeling soft
Cons: The tube was a little tough to expel the cream.
Grade: B

Reviewed by: Sandra
Mom says: When nursing for the first time, my nipples became sore and tender. Sometimes even cracked. The Medela tender care lanolin definitely helped soothe them, as well as other dry, cracked skin areas. Easy open cap allows for quick dispense, glides on smoothly to offer a shield of protection. Does seem a bit greasy.
Pros: All natural ingredients, safe for mom and baby.
Cons: Somewhat greasy.
Rating: A

Reviewed by: Christie
Mom says:  The Medela Lanolin was great to use in the beginning when we had latching problems and my skin became very sensitive and irritated.  It helped with the soreness and made it easier to nurse.
Pros:  Non-greasy
Cons:  A little pricey
Rating: A