Resident Mom Review: Blink™ Umbrella-fold stroller from Britax®

britax-blink-23-097-l Reviewed By: Resident Mom Amanda Product: BLINK™ UMBRELLA-FOLD STROLLER FROM BRITAX® Price: $149.99 Buy It Here Mom Says: When I got the opportunity to test the Blink Umbrella-fold Stroller from Britax I was overly excited but a bit concerned being that it was a battle to get my 2.5 year old son to sit in a stroller anymore. He had decided that he was too big for his stroller and reminded me of this constantly. Everything from going shopping to simply taking walks around the neighborhood had become a chore with him running around freely. That's why I was insanely surprised to see him actually asking to go on walks in his new Blink Stroller. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this product over the past couple of weeks. Britax took every complaint parents have about a typical umbrella stroller and modified with the Blink Stroller. My dad is 6'7 and has always has a problem pushing umbrella strollers. Not with this stroller though, the handles are the perfect height. The stroller folds up with ease and can be carried with or with out the provided cover. The stroller also has a convenient storage pocket, a detail that you don't usually find in an umbrella stroller. The only amenity that this stroller doesn't have is a cup holder, but that might be asking a little much for an umbrella stroller. Overall this stroller is incredible! For an umbrella stroller it is a little pricey but please trust me when I say that it is worth every penny! Pros: Portable, great height, easy to use. Cons: Pricey, no cup holder. Mom Rating: A+ INTERESTED IN BEING A RESIDENT MOM AND REVIEWING PRODUCTS (AND KEEPING THEM?!) CLICK HERE.