Resident Mom Review: Summer Infant Slim & Secure Video Monitor

85c53ab067eee9f29e2c423bd280e910 Product: Summer Infant Slim&Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor Price:$199.99 Buy it Here About: For parents looking for the ultimate stylish color video monitor that allows them to view baby both day and night, there's the Slim&Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor from Summer Infant. It's small, sleek and stylish design makes parents feel like they're watching the little one on their Smartphone. It's today's most sought after baby monitor and gives parents the reassurance they need. Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Jennifer Resident Mom™ Says: My sons are 4-months-old and five-years-old. I used this on the 4-month-old and it was easy to assemble and install in his room. We've previously only used a non-video monitor. I do a lot of work from home and we live in a house where my work computer is in the basement, so with our old monitor any time our 4-month-old would make a noise I would have to run upstairs to make sure he was OK. With this monitor I could hear him and see him. It's been so nice to not constantly have to run upstairs to check on him! This monitor has several features I love: First, it allows you to view up to four cameras at once! We are definitely going to buy another one and put it in our 5-year-olds' room. It also has a power save mode, so the screen will go dark after 20 seconds, but the audio will remain on. I also like that I could plug it into a television monitor to view it (27 inches or smaller works best). The night vision works great as well (which is a black and white view). Overall, this is a great product! Pros: Can view up to four cameras at once; night vision Cons: Expensive Rating: A