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Product:Summer Infant SwaddlePod®
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Designed with baby’s comfort in mind, Summer Infant together with leading safe sleep experts developed the SwaddlePod®. The SwaddlePod is ideal for very young infants in that it creates a cozy womb like feeling for baby and helps prevent baby from startling himself awake. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into the pod. The soft, comfortable spandex cotton blend stretches with baby’s movements for comfort. The two-way zipper allows for quick diaper changes.

It was also the recent winner to both the iParenting Media Award and The National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval!

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Amy
Resident Mom™ Says:

Having a wiggle worm for a daughter, swaddling is super important to me. At 2 months, she has been breaking out of her wrap swaddles, so I was excited to test the Swaddlepod. I was nervous about her being bound with a zipper, but it is quite stretchy, so I didn’t need to worry. She had plenty of room to move around if needed, but was still wrapped enough that she wouldn’t startle herself with sudden movements in her sleep. If anything, the material was stretchy enough thatshe was able to poke her hands over the top at times. With the cotton spandex material, she never got too hot and I could comfortably put her in a long sleeve nightgown. The best part about this was the two-way zipper. I could easily lay her into the swaddle and zip her up without waking her. I could also change her diaper in the night without having to unzip the entire swaddle. The only issue I had with this is that there was little traction between the material and the crib sheet. She would end up on the opposite side of the crib just by wiggling around. To keep her in one spot, I ended up having to lay a crib saver under her to keep her from moving. Other than that, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an easy way to swaddle.

Pros: : Two-way zipper, easy to use
Cons: Material was smooth, slippery
Rating: B