Oopsie Loopsie: Giving Moms “A Little More Room”

By: Nicole Pelletiere After having their children, sister-in-laws Kristin and Anna Forselius discovered that baby weight was keeping them from getting back into their normal-sized pants.  After the infamous rubber-band attempt, they decided it was time to brainstorm for a more convenient and attractive way to get the job done.  Then, Oopsie Loopsie was born. Oopsie Loopsie is a smart, chic, elastic device that fastens pant buttons to their holes—allowing new and expectant Mamas to wear their pre-pregnancy pants stylishly and comfortably. Even more good news is that you can save money on pricey maternity wear or larger post-pregnancy clothing. New Parent  loves the cute polka dotted design as well as their impressive elasticity, which does not snap like rubber bands do.  Also, the directions on the back of the package are super handy and easy for anyone to follow. Thank goodness for Oopsie Loopsie!   LOOPSIE is a patented waistband extender that allows you to wear your pants that are a bit too tight to button-up.  It's a single stretchy piece sewn in two loops that's small enough to keep in your pocket for use when you need it. Each package contains 4 Loopsies in 4 different sizes to meet the needs of various button types and various stages of weight loss or gain. Moms can experiment in order to discover which Loopsie works best with their jeans, khakis, or skirt buttons. To find out where you can purchase your own Oopsie Loopsie set visit http://www.oopsieloopsie.com/Home_Page.html Follow on Facebook Twitter @OopsieLoopsie *A sample of Oopsie Loopsie was sent to us free of charge from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso. All opinions are our own.