Ouchies: Say Bye-bye to Boring Bandages!

By: Nicole Pelletiere

Are you and your kids sick of the same old boring, beige bandages?  So are we…

Thank goodness for ‘Ouchies’, as they enable kids to “hide their wounds, not their style”!   Not only are their assorted designs super stylish, but the bandages come in a super cool, retro tin that doesn’t tear or crumple like many bandage boxes do.

From Paddington Bear to OliviaSilly Bandz, and even ‘Make Your Own’ bandages, Ouchies offer various designs to suit your child’s personality and even their age category.

What New Parent especially loves about Ouchies is that they are 100% latex-free and even more durable than your typical, easily fallen- off bandages.  So if your little one receives a boo-boo, covering it with an Ouchie will guarantee protection until cuts and scrapes are all better.  Don’t be surprised though, if your child fakes a wound to get an Ouchie bandage, for who wouldn’t want to look this cool?


The story behind Ouchies…

When Ian Madover walked through the aisles of drugstores in search of some cool, hip bandages for his daughter, he returned home empty-handed.  Following a great idea and some encouragement from his wife, Ouchies was born—offering an array of adhesive bandages that allowed children to express themselves.

To purchase Ouchies online, or to find out where to purchase at stores near you, visit http://www.ouchiesonline.com/.

*A sample of Ouchies was sent to us free of charge from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso.

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