Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Moms and Dads

For most soon-to-be parents, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the upcoming or recent birth of a precious child by “showering” the parents with gifts. These gifts usually include diapers, baby clothes, bedding and toys. While most baby shower gifts are for the baby, Kalencom’s collection of baby products are geared for parents, making it a great present for any baby shower. From keeping mom and dad stylish with a new diaper bag to saving parents a headache while traveling with young kids, Kalencom is a one-stop shop for any baby shower gifts.

Just because there’s a new addition to the family, mom and dad don’t have to lose their sense of style. Made with durability and functionality in mind, Kalencom’s line of diaper bags are designed accommodate the needs of every parent. From an easy-to-clean exterior to a roomy interior with pockets, Kalencom combines function with style to provide a trendy diaper bag option for new mommies and daddies. Not only are Kalencom diaper bags (MSRP starting at $50) available in a variety of patterns and designs, including the newest, yet affordable Jazz Collection, but they are also available in almost any body style imaginable. From bright, fun patterns for mom to masculine styles for dad, there is a diaper bag for every new parent.

What makes Kalencom more than just a trendy diaper bag are the matching accessories that equip every parent with the tools to handle their unpredictable bundle of joy. Included in each diaper bag is an insulated bottle holder to accommodate any baby’s irregular feeding schedule, a changing mat for sudden diaper changes and a zip pouch for added organization.

Rarely do gift buyers think ahead a few years when shopping for baby shower gifts, even though the tiniest baby seems to out-grow those newborn clothes almost overnight. Perfect for when the newest addition gets a little older or for older brothers and sisters, Kalencom’s Seat Belt Snoozer (MSRP $30) makes car rides more comfortable for mom, dad and child. Seat Belt Snoozers easily attach to a seat belt shoulder strap with Velcro to provide a soft and plump spot for a child’s head. Shaped like the number 7, Seat Belt Snoozer can be used by all children as long as they big enough to be out of a car seat. Available in pink or red, there is a Seat Belt Snoozer for every young passenger. With Seat Belt Snoozer, parents can focus on driving in peace while children rest comfortably mile after mile while still wearing their seat belt.

While at a baby shower, most parents aren’t thinking about potty training, but the truth is that dreaded stage of parenting is just around the corner. Thanks to Kalencom’s Potette Plus (MSRP $16) there’s an easy way to continue potty training at home or on vacation. Foldable and portable, Potette Plus is a clean potty for any child, anytime, anywhere. Lockable legs and a contoured seat keep the child comfortable and secure. When used as a travel potty, Potette Plus is suitable for ages 15 months and up to 50 pounds. What’s more is that Potette Plus easily converts to a folding trainer seat suitable for children 2 years and up to 50 pounds. Even better, the sturdy contraption folds flat into a drawstring carrying bag so it can fit in a purse or diaper bag. Perfect for potty training at home, Pottete Plus is also great for keeping in the car, boat, camper or RV. Potette Plus uses self-absorbing, leak-proof liners that can be disposed of like diapers, making it easy to use for every child and parent.

With Kalencom’s collection of parent and baby accessories, every new mom and dad can be stylish with a trendy diaper bag and equipped for when their newest addition starts to grow up.Gift-buyers who want to shower the new parents or soon-to-be mommy and daddy at their upcoming baby shower can check out Kalencom’s entire online at