PunyPixel: Puny Clothes for Big Change

By: Nicole Pelletiere

Cool, hip, charitable and organic?  It does exist and we’re talking about PunyPixel, a line of children’s clothing that’s eco-friendly and stylish by design.

Their fashions feature funny little characters, like Puny Mike, (pictured right).  The ultra-soft, organic materials are not only comfy, but will once again give our ‘green mamas’ something to cheer about.

What New Parent also loves about puny pixel is their mission.

Visiting the ‘wee shop’ and purchasing a cool outfit is just one of the many ways on how “big change starts puny”.  PunyPixel is currently supporting Room to Read, where “World change starts with educated children.”  For every PunyPixel purchase, $1 goes to Room to Read and that dollar is enough to supply a library with one children’s book.

Choose a friend that suits your little one’s style and personality.  Whether it’s Puny Iris for your princess, or Puny Sid for your kimono-wearing cutie, just remember that each Puny purchase creates BIG change.


Puny Iris                                                                                   Puny Sid

To purchase from the ‘Wee Shop’ visit PunyPixel.com.