Resident Mom Review: Britax Chaperone


Reviewed By: Resident Mom Rebekah

Britax Chaperone Travel Collection (stroller and infant carrier)
Price: From $450 with rebate. Check online for best price
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Ages: Carrier: 4-30 lbs., Stroller: 6 months - 5 years

Mom Says: As a mom of a two year old and twin three month olds, I have gone through several strollers trying to find the perfect fit for us. We destroyed several with my daughter because they just weren’t built to last. We took the Britax out for a full day of Trick-or-Treating, rain and all! We were very impressed. The stroller is easy to push and maneuver! It can be difficult to push a lot of the strollers once children start to get a little bigger and there is more weight in the stroller, but that was not the case with the Britax.

The big wheels made it very easy to steer, and things like the adjustable handle made it comfortable to push. There is plenty of storage under the stroller which is a must for anyone with multiple children in tow. I loved the tray on the front which can be lifted and set down with one hand. The only two problems we had were the brake and putting the stroller away.

The brake is very nice in that you don’t push it up and down, you step on it once to apply the brake and then once to let off the brake. This was very nice, but broke after only a few uses. We walked the rest of our route with the brake partially on. The adjustable handle bar, while comfortable, does also seem a little flimsy and I worry about it breaking.

The stroller folds differently than any stroller I’ve ever seen (there is a pull down in the middle of the seat) and I’m not too impressed with that, it is not very easy to do on your own and we cannot get it to snap shut so it takes a lot of space in our car.

The infant carrier is heavier than all of the ones we have, but is more cushioned inside. I wish we would have had this when we brought home our preemie twins. The baby just seemed to sit more snug in this car seat than in the ones we have. It makes me feel a bit safer when they are small. I also loved the rebound bar, that insures the seat doesn’t bounce backward if there is an accident. So, I do feel that this is a very safe car seat you can feel confident putting your baby in. The infant carrier fits very well in the stroller. There are several steps to prepare the stroller to put the carrier in, but then you can just leave it that way until the baby is no longer using the carrier.

Overall the stroller and infant carrier are both very nice products, I would recommend them as good items. They are very pricey and I am not sure I would be willing to pay so much for a stroller. However, they both seem to be built to last and able to grow with your child, so if paying this price once keeps you from having to buy several strollers as your child grows, than it is very much worth it!!

Pros: Easy to maneuver, easy to steer, comfortable to use, works well with infants and toddlers.
Cons: Pricey, Difficult to fold up

Mom Rating: B