Cloud b Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor

sleep sheepCloud b enhances their award-winning Sleep Sheep with a sound-activated sound sensor. Now when baby awakes in the middle of the night, Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor responds and restarts its soothing soft sounds of nature or the reassuring sound of a mother’s heartbeat. We asked five Resident Moms to try the Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor at home with their babies and toddlers, and here’s what they had to say.

It’s very soothing!

“It’s incredibly soothing from an aesthetic, sensory, and auditory perspective. It’s my daughter’s new favorite lovey at night to go to sleep.” -Maureen E.

“My one-month-old was instantly soothed when I turned it on. The sounds were soothing and easy to listen to—not mechanical-sounding, but real-sounding.” -Regina C.

“It’s very soft and soothing. I think it helped put my baby back to sleep when she started to wake in the middle of the night.” -Melissa C.

The sounds were great.

“Very soft, my son says he likes the heartbeat option—says it sounds like the baby’s heartbeat (I’m pregnant).” -Lisa B.

“I loved that there were different sounds that you could choose from. The sounds were also better [than other plush sleep toys I’ve tried].” -Regina C.

“My daughter definitely preferred spring showers and ocean sounds as her two favorites.” -Maureen E.

I’d buy it, and recommend it to other moms.

“Quality construction, good sounds, it played a long time, and I liked that you could hang it from the crib.” -Lisa B.

“I think it would be a great purchase for anyone who was expecting a baby. All around, it’s a great value for the price and well worth the money to help soothe a fussy infant.” -Regina C.

“I could see how this bedroom item would help to soothe other babies.” -Monica W.