Resident Mom™ Review: Medela Freestyle® Breastpump

Freestyle breastpump

Product: Medela Freestyle® Hands-Free Breastpump
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About: The latest breastpumping breakthrough from Medela, inspired by insights and conversations with over 1,000 breastfeeding moms.

-True pumping mobility with hands-free option.
-Rechargeable battery and ultra-lightweight motor.
-Easy interaction with digital display, memory, timer and backlight.
-More milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression® technology.

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Annie
Resident Mom™ Says:

I am a first time mom, and after 12 wonderful weeks off of work, I had to return. Wanting to continue breastfeeding, I bought the cheapest double electric pump I could find. It worked fine for me, but upon receiving the Medela I started to understand the difference between “cheap” pumps and higher grade pumps. When I first opened the Medela, I was definitely overwhelmed. There were lots of pieces (many of the intimidating ones belonged to the hands free set up.) Once I read the manual I quickly understood the set up. It has a “Stimulation” feature which is a nice way to ease into the pumping session. After your milk lets down, you can “up” the suction by entering the “Expression” phase. You can set the levels as low or high as you need. Once you find your preference, you can set a customized session. The memory feature will do the work for you. The timer on the screen is very handy, I didn’t have to constantly check the clock anymore!

The bottle and pump-tops are much more streamlined than my previous pump. They have more pieces to wash/put together but the size difference is worth it. I didn’t find that the Medela pumped any more milk than my other pump, but the suction was a bit more comfortable with the Medela. The Medela was also quieter and did not shake like my previous pump unit.

The rechargable battery is probably my favorite feature on the Freestyle. It’s so nice not having to be tethered to a plug in! We do a lot of traveling so pumping in the car when I have to is now possible! I love the ice pack/bottle cooler that comes with it also. It all comes in a neat little bag (which isn’t so little, so I use a different one when just packing the pump and the bottles). I recommend it to any mom who has the money to spend!!

Pros: Rechargable battery that goes VERY long between charges; small and streamlined parts; comes with everything you need in one bag; lots of choices for suction levels; informative digital display
Cons: Expensive
Rating: A

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Melissa
Resident Mom™ Says:

I have been using the pump for a little over a week and I love it! While it took awhile to get the handsfree setup (I was frequently readjusting the elastic straps that hook to the side to make sure the shield was on straight) I now have it down to a science with no problems. Everything else was easy to assemble. The strength of the suction has been consistent, and I think the sound of the motor is fine (not too loud but not too quite either, it’s in between). I also like the fact that you can choose from the AC adapter, car adapter, or rechargeable batteries. I’ve used this at home and at the mall, and it is very lightweight and comes with a double-strap black bag that looks just like a regular diaper bag. I will be taking this to work when I go back in a week!

Pros: Lightweight and easy to carry around with you; the timer option is great; hands-free
Cons: The initial set up of the hands free option can be frustrating but as the instructions say, take your time.


Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Grace
Resident Mom™ Says:

I had already rented the Medela Symphony pump from the hospital for the first 2 months, and I also have the Medela Pump In Style Advanced at home. When I first used the Medela Freestyle®, the first thing I noticed was that the suction feels fairly strong and I was surprised that I pumped as much out as my PISA. The size and portability of the Freestyle® are a BIG plus. I can put a pacifier in if my baby is crying across the room instead of being hooked up to a pump that’s plugged in, or I can go get a snack in the kitchen. I love that there is a timer since I always forget to keep track of how long I’ve been pumping. The hands-free nursing straps took a little practice to use, but they do work.

I think it’s great to use for the portability convenience and if you need to do a pump on-the-go. I’ll definitely be using it in the future!

Pros:Portability; size; rechargeable battery with good battery life; good suction
Cons:Cannot interchange with other Medela pumps; silicone flanges were too small for me