Sealy Crib Mattresses

baby sleeping crib mattressWhen it comes to babies (and their parents!), there’s more to a great night’s sleep than bath time and cuddles. Turns out, the right crib mattress just might mean the difference between a baby who sleeps like a dream—or a nightmare. We recruited fifteen of our Resident Moms to test and review three different Sealy Crib Mattresses. Click through to find out what they said to say!

Plus, get more advice on baby sleep and sleep safety at the Sealy Sleep Center.

Sealy Baby Ultra Rest Crib Mattress

The Sealy Baby Ultra Rest gives newborns the ultra-firm sleeping surface that they need. And with 204 coil system, several firm layers, anti-sag weight distribution system and an antibacterial cover, this is one of the top mattresses families have depended on for years. $99.99 at

Super comfy!
“The Sealy was amazing and the right amount of comfort.” -Emily L.

“My daughter has slept so well on this mattress. I love that it is firm, but not too firm.” -Monica B.

“My baby has a good night’s sleep and a peaceful naptime with the Sealy mattress.” -Sharon W.

High-quality, safe, and easy to clean.
“I have been very happy with the quality and believe this crib mattress will last until my baby is ready to graduate out of a toddler bed.” -Sharon W.

“It fit the crib perfectly, leaving no scary gaps—allowing this mama to sleep better too!” -Monica B.

“No cheap foam, the covering is wonderful, and water cannot get down and ruin the insides. Super easy to clean and keep clean.” -Emily C.

The verdict? We’d buy it!
“A great mattress is worth the money. More emphasis should be put into spending the money on a better mattress.” -Emily W.

“I’d buy a new Sealy for any future kids as well as grandkids someday. You can not beat the quality Sealy provides.” -Emily C.

“I’d purchase a Sealy crib mattress because it has held up well, withstood jumping by an active one year old.” -Sharon W.


Sealy Baby Posturepedic Crib Mattress

Adult-grade Sealy Posturepedic quality and unparalleled construction with an innerspring system that has a 60 year history of dependable support. The Sealy Baby Posturepedic crib and toddler bed mattress is engineered with an exclusive 220 PostureTech Coil System and comfort features for a lifetime of use. $129.99 at

It was comfortable—and baby slept well.
“My daughter has stopped waking up in the middle of the night. Didn’t think a mattress change could affect her like that, but it has.” -Charissa K.

“It was much thicker than our old crib mattress. It also seemed to offer better support.” -Maggie C.

Durable and stays clean!
“My daughter had two accidents on the mattress already, one a messy one. The mattress didn’t stain at all.” -Charissa K.

“It’s very durable and easy to maintain.” -Bernadette N.

“It seemed to be much more resistant to liquids.” -Maggie C.

The verdict? We’d buy it!
“Sealy is a brand that is known and respected, and I feel it is a brand you can trust.” -Tai M.

“I let my friends know that I got this mattress to try and it’s been wonderful. I’m looking to replace my son’s toddler bed mattress with one already.” -Charissa K.

“I’d definitely purchase the Sealy crib mattress.” -Bernadette N.

Sealy Stearns & Foster Dynasty Eco-Luxe 2-Stage Infant-Toddler Mattress

The Baby Dynasty Eco-Luxe is a premium 2-stage innerspring mattress that offers the comfort of organic cotton, the firmness of the Stellar Steel System and a soft, breathable natural fabric cover. $279.99 at

It was comfortable, and my baby slept great!
“I tried laying on the mattress before using it for both my newborn and 22-month-old and found it comfortable. My 22 month old seemed to fall asleep easier with the Sealy mattress. My newborn fell asleep easier with this mattress than with the bassinet.” -Jessica D.

“The comfort and craftsmanship are high-quality.” -Amy S.

This mattress is durable and easy to clean.
“Easy to clean and maneuver for changing sheets in the middle of the night.” -Liz B.

“The quality was much better than I was expecting.” -Jessica D.

The verdict? We’d buy it!
“I’d buy it. The construction of the mattress appears to be high quality.” -Leslie U.

“We’re looking to replace our Serta mattress for our 22-month-old.” -Jessica D.

“The craftsmanship and quality alone would make me want to purchase this mattress.” -Amy S.