Resident Mom™ Review: sootheTIME™ Sleep System

Product: sootheTIME™’ Sleep System
Snooze Wrap Plus- $19.99
Snooze Sack-$19.99
Snooze Sheet-$15.99
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The sootheTIME™ zzzTIME™ Sleep System includes the following products to give your baby the healthiest and safest sleep possible.

snooze wrap™ plus adjustable swaddle wrap
The Snooze Wrap™ Plus is so simple to use that anyone can achieve a perfect swaddle — every time. It’s been designed to ensure proper positioning, while supporting the healthy growth and development of your baby. And the luxurious 100% cotton knit fabric provides the comfort baby deserves.


snooze sheet™ safe sleep
Use the Snooze Sheet™ with the sootheTIME Snooze Wrap™ Plus or Stage 1 Snooze Sack™ to position baby for safe, developmentally appropriate sleep. Simply open the Sleep Stabilizers™ on the Snooze Wrap™ Plus or Stage 1 Snooze Sack and place baby on the soft fabric over to secure your little one in the “back to sleep” position.


snooze sack™ wear-a-blanket™
With the Stage 1 Snooze Sack™ your baby stays covered and cozy for more restful sleep in any season. Unique design allows freedom of movement while keeping your baby snug and secure. And the soft, 100% cotton assures your baby’s comfort year-round. Machine washable and dryer safe to make your life a little easier, too.

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Sarah
Resident Mom™ Says:

Overall, this product line was great. The material felt wonderful and the products seem very well made. I washed them several times during our testing time and saw no wear. We used the line for about two weeks and loved it. I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

*Reviewed by piece

snooze sack™ wear-a-blanket™:
LOVED IT!!!! Due to the summer heat where I live, I put my newborn daughter, Eve, in this one with just her diaper. The vents kept her cool and the zipper allowed for easy access for diaper changes. She slept like a charm in this. I would seriously love to have several of these!

snooze sheet™ safe sleep and snooze wrap™ plus adjustable swaddle wrap:
Again, the material and fit were great. I also loved that these coordinated. Eve seemed to not like the fact that she was restricted initially, but acclimated very quickly. I loved the fact that I knew she wouldn’t “roll” around. Figuring it out for the first use was a little complicated, but after one use we were good. I did not use the option of keeping her arms in the swaddle wrap, as she HATES this. Usually she doesn’t like her feet covered, but we had no problems with this at all.  My only complaints were that the wrap made the midnight diaper changes a little difficult, but it was worth it.

Pros: Fabric and quality feels great, items work well together, price is reasonable
Cons: Initial set up takes a bit of time and learning
Rating: A