Resident Mom Review: Summer Infant Video Monitor

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We are looking for one (1) mom to review the Summer Infant Slim & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor. If you have an infant and would like to review this product (and keep it, for free!) then please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page. We will contact the selected mom no later than Tuesday, August 31 to give further instructions. If you are not selected, don’t worry! We’ve got lots of great products coming up for review shortly!


Product Details:

Summer Infant Slim & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor

For parents looking for the ultimate stylish color video monitor that allows them to view baby both day and night, there’s the Slim&Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor from Summer Infant.  It’s small, sleek and stylish design makes parents feel like they’re watching the little one on their cell phone.  It’s today’s most sought after baby monitor and gives parents the reassurance they need by allowing them to hear and see baby - day or night.

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