Resident Mom™ Review: Thermofocus Thermometer


Product: Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer
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Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Angelique
Resident Mom™ Says:

I am the mom of an 18-month-old girl and I also have a baby on the way so I was excited to be able to test this new thermometer. I really liked it because you don’t have to hold your child down to take their temperature and you don’t have to touch them so it helps to stop the spread of germs when they are sick.

Using the Thermafocus I was able to take my daughter’s temperature at any time, quickly, including when my husband was reading to her and while she was lying in bed. She hardly noticed anything at all. I also liked the other features that came with this thermometer. You can test the temperatures of liquids such as bottles, heated food, bath water, and you can also use it to determine the room temperature. Those features will definitely come in handy with a new baby. Living in the desert the weather changes so frequently that I often wonder if the baby’s room was warm enough or too warm at times, now I can be sure.

The only issue I had with the thermometer was that it’s a little difficult to open the battery door but that got a lot easier with practice. The Thermafocus thermometer is definitely something I wish I had from the beginning with my firstborn and I’m excited to use in the future.

Pros: It’s easy to use and it takes temperature readings quickly.
Cons: The battery door is difficult to open and the instructional DVD did not play in either of my DVD players, but the instructions were clearly written and easy to follow.

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Beth
Resident Mom™ Says:

I’m a child care provider.  I take care of other people’s children along with my own.  It’s of utmost importance to not spread germs, especially important when I’m trying to identify if a child is sick.  The Thermofocus is a non-contact thermometer that keeps each child safe and when taking multiple children’s temperatures, hygienic.

The bonus of this thermometer is that it can take temperatures of other things in your home like bath water, bottles of breast milk or formula, baby food… there are so many uses.  I keep this thermometer handy all the time, because I feel confident that I’m getting accurate temperatures in everything, from a child’s body temperature to the food or milk that I’m serving.

Pros: Multi-use thermometer, hygienic and safe.
Cons: No easy on-and-off function, can be difficult to get an accurate reading on a moving child.
Rating: A-

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Erica
Resident Mom™ Says:

This product is great and I would recommend it to friends. The thermometer is accurate and fast (if done properly). I like the fact that I could take my child’s temperature three different ways (forehead, neck, and navel) as well as test the temperature of bottles, bath water and my house.  I think this product is awesome compared to other thermometers I have tried. I have been searching for a fast and accurate thermometer and now my search is over! In a matter of seconds I can have my child’s temperature, and with a squirmy child that is a heaven sent.

Pros: Fast and easy
Cons: The instructional manual was difficult to understand, and the DVD didn’t work in my player.
Rating:I give this product a B only because of the instructional manual & CD. Otherwise it would have gotten an A.