Review: Medela Pump In Style® Advanced On-the-Go Tote

Product: Medela Pump In Style® Advanced On-the-Go Tote
Price: $280
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Features and Benefits
Pump In Style Advanced is a daily use breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day.  All Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps offer portable convenience for quiet, discreet pumping anywhere. 

What is 2-Phase Expression® technology?
Through research, Medela learned that there are two distinct phases of how babies breastfeed.  The Stimulation Phase is fast and light sucking to start milk flowing followed by the Expression Phase, slow and stronger sucking to deliver more milk faster.  Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps have exclusive 2-Phase Expression technology that mimics a baby’s natural nursing pattern.
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Reviewed By: Resident Mom™  Ashlee

Resident Mom™ Says: As a stay at home mom to four kids I’m always on the go. I loved this pump for the simple fact that it offers electric or battery operation. It gave me the flexability to pump anywhere, even in the car. (Granted the 9v adaptor is sold separately but it is still an option.) I also liked that it was quiet and the bag was large enough to also put extra bottles, breast cream and breast pads. I even put a picture of my daughter in there for when her and I aren’t together, as it is said to help produce more milk. The only thing I found to be a slight inconvenience was holding both bottles to pump and not leaving me with a free hand.

Pros: It comes with cold pack and bottle storage; comfortable and easy to use
Cons: Pricey

Mom Rating: A

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Sharon

Resident Mom™ Says: With my first baby I had issues breastfeeding (not producing enough milk) and the breastpump I had was not powerful enough to extract any milk.  I just had my second baby seven weeks ago and with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-the-Go 2 Phase Expression technology I have been able to produce enough milk and not resort to supplementing with formula.  I had doubts that pumping would work for me this time, but I have been pleasantly surprised!  It is great to pump and store my milk so that my husband can handle the middle of the night feedings! The Pump In Style is easy to set up - I only had to sterilize the parts, then it was ready to go. The instructions are easy to understand and the tote bag makes it convenient to store all of the accessories and to carry with me wherever I go. I like that it is a double pump; pumping takes less time than a single pump and it helps increase the milk production better than a single pump. My pediatrician actually recommended that I try a double pump with baby #2 due to my issues breastfeeding baby #1. I would definitely recommend this breastpump to expectant moms planning to breastfeed.

Pros: Easy to use; convenient to take with me; lots of storage for accessories
Cons: Being a double pump it is a little cumbersome handling both breastshields and bottles at once; expensive

Mom Rating: A

Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Mikelle

Resident Mom™ Says: I am a first time mom and was loaned a five-year-old Pump in Style Advanced and had been using that for the last three months. I was thrilled to get the new model. The let-down feature is nice, you are able to shorten the length of time for that phase. The previous model didn’t have that and it makes the pumping more comfortable and more similar to breastfeeding. The parts are all easy to use and clean and the tote bag and storage tote are handy and function well. I wish there were some inside pockets in the tote bag though. I like that there is a “working surface” as a side panel on the tote bag, it is useful when away from my coffee table.

Pros: Great tote bag; portable; good suction; let-down phase button; shorter pump time; comfortable breast shields
Cons: No inside pockets in tote; instructions about cleaning the diaphragm are vague; no instruction on when to change membranes

Mom Rating: So many positives! I give this product an “A”


Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Lauren

Resident Mom™ Says: When my first son was born I was committed to breastfeeding and doing whatever it took to make that happen. However, my husband’s and my schedule is so crazy that it quickly became very difficult to keep up with it. I had purchased a breast pump early on that we found on sale and it was such a hassle with a million parts to take apart and put back together and it was almost more painful to use then it was at the beginning of nursing.

Needless to say with all these factors in play we came to realize about four months in that my milk supply was low and inconsistent so my poor son wasn’t always getting what he needed, even when we supplemented with formula because we never knew how much he was getting when he nursed. When I received the Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-the-Go Tote, I was amazed by how easy it was to use. There were less parts to put together and take apart and it was actually comfortable. It did not hurt my breasts as the previous pump I had tried did.
This pump made it possible to allow my son to continue to get breast milk even though my supply was low.

My favorite thing about it was the two phase expression: it stimulates the way a baby expresses your milk (light and quick to get the milk to let down, followed by long and slow sucking to get the milk out faster). These two phases occur automatically, the first phase going for two minutes then switching into the second. However, if your milk lets down quicker you have the option to simply push a button and move on to phase two.

The other thing that is great about this pump is the design of the bag and all the additions. The tote is really roomy and looks like an actual tote, not a breast pump. It has the motor right in it so it just appears with unzipping of the side. Then you also receive a cooler that fits four medela bottles (also included) and an ice pack. After all these are in the tote, including the ac adaptor and the battery pack you still have plenty of room for other things like a purse, wallet, water bottle, some snacks and another shirt! It really is VERY roomy.

Pros: Efficiency of pumping; size of tote and design
Cons: A little pricier than other pumps.

Mom Rating: A


Reviewed By: Resident Mom™ Nicole

Resident Mom™ Says: I am a busy mom of four trying to juggle many things at once. My son was a preemie, and due to multiple issues breastfeeding alone just didn’t work out for us.  I am currently exclusively pumping and it isn’t easy. Having a breast pump that is easy and efficient is an absolute necessity for me. I can’t say enough about the Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-The-Go Tote. I have tried other pumps and it is by far the best breast pump on the market. It is very easy to set up and use. The ability to pump both breasts at the same time is fantastic. The vacuum suction was great and wasn’t uncomfortable at all.  The 2-phase expression technology allowed me to pump a lot more milk in half the time.  I believe it works just as well if not better than the pumps used in hospitals. I also love the style and storage ability of the tote bag. No one will know you are carrying around a breast pump inside.  It has plenty of room to store all the parts you need on the go. I am beyond happy with the Medela Pump In Style. My supply recently started to decrease and it has allowed me to continue to give my son breastmilk even though breastfeeding didn’t work out for us. 

Pros: It is stylish, lightweight, comfortable and most importantly…very efficient.
Cons: It’s expensive but worth every penny.

Mom Rating: A+