Rocking Horses Recalled


By Lindsay Goldenberg

Holidays in my house growing up used to be synonymous with rocking horses. If it’s the same for your household, you’ll want to head warning now. Yesterday two seperate companies issued recalls because their rocking horses and hobby horses (the horse heads on sticks) were deemed to pose a strangulation hazard.

8,800 hobby horses were recalled by Big Ideas Marketing. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the reins on the bridle are long enough to form a loop around a child’s head and neck. There has been one report of a 2-year-old boy who became entangled in the reins. Fortunately his mother was able to free him without injury.

Then, 1,200 rocking horses were recalled by Rocking Horse Depot for the same potential hazard. The CPSC has received one report of a 21-month old girl who also became entangled in the reins, also without injury.

The rocking horses were sold at from November 2006 through December 2009 for between $105 and $185. The Hobby Horses were sold at Love’s Travel Stop and Country stores nationwide from May 2010 through July 2010 for about $6.

If you own either of these toys, the CPSC advises you to immediately cut or remove the reins to eliminate the hazard.

To read the full recalls, click here and here