The Happiest Guide to Baby Sleep

Even though sleep deprivation is nearly universal among new parents, advice dealt by experts is all over the map. Is bed sharing a sweet gift or a true danger? Does swaddling cause SIDS or is it a blessing that prevents it? Should you let your baby “cry it out” or is that psychologically damaging?

Consider this your new baby sleep bible.  With The Happiest Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years by Harvey Karp, M.D., you’ll no longer have to suffer months of sleep deprivation and your baby will no longer have to cry himself to sleep, This, thanks to invaluable knowledge like how to train new babies to sleep better, the best white noise, why you should always wake a sleeping baby, how to enjoy the benefits—and avoid the risks—of swaddling, the importance of powering down, and more.

Backed by compelling science, common sense, and decades of experience, Dr. Karp’s landmark guide will revolutionize how millions of children—including yours—drift off to dreamland. If we didn’t have a copy already, we’d be ordering one ASAP. ($15, William Morrow)