The New Dora the Explorer

1. Splatter Brush

Age: 3-8
Price: $54.99
Available: July ‘09
Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Think of this as you AND your tot’s new best friend.  The Splatter Brush, an interactive plug & play system with a base and a wireless brush, transmits your toddler’s movements onto your television screen, much like the Wii does for adults.  With 8 themed “worlds,” virtual paint brushes, stampers and special effects, your toddler can virtually paint with spaghetti, draw with whipped cream or splat an animated bat. They can also choose to play arcade games or create fun works of art with a virtual spin art feature. Built in “Save and Print” features let you keep your toddler’s new masterpieces.  Complete with fun “splat” sound effects, your toddler gets all the fun of making a mess, without you having to clean it up!