Unique Baby Products You Didn’t Know About

By Nicole Pelletiere

It probably wasn’t until you registered for baby gear that you started to realize just how many products there are out there. And it’s not just bottles and toys and diaper bags—there’s also an endless list of stuff we likely never would’ve thought existed if we didn’t see them with our own eyes (a rubber ducky that tests the temperature of the bath water and designer barf bags for morning sickness come to mind!). But among those under-the-radar items are actually a few lifesavers that’ll make your hectic days way easier. Trust us. Here’s a few unique baby products to add to your wish list.


The Podee Baby Bottle

This hands-free feeing system (yup we said it, hands-free) is great for traveling or if you’ve just got your hands full. After you assemble the bottle, you sit your baby in an upright position and let him drink from the nipple as the bottle base sits between his legs. As he sucks, the milk comes through two straw-like tubes. That’s it! Each set includes two BPA-free 8 ounce bottles and all attachable accessories. ($12, ToysRUs.com)

Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoon

More than just a utensil, the BPA-free Easy Squeezy can hold four ounces of baby food so you won’t have to pack jars and spoons. Just fill it, cap it, and whip it out for easy, on-the-go feedings. ($7, Munchkin.com)

Gyro Bowl

Constantly cleaning up spills? (You’ve got a baby, of course you are!) Then you’re going to love the Gyro Bowl. Designed with one bowl sitting inside another, the inner bowl rotates all the way around so no matter how your baby holds the easy-to-grip handles, food stays where it’s supposed to. ($15, BuyGyroBowl.com)


If your little guy has a habit of taking off his pj’s and diaper at night, then you’ve probably taken some extreme measures to try and stop him (like duct-taping his diaper shut, yes, we know a parent who tried this). EscapeeJays are escape-proof pajamas that fasten in the back, making it impossible for your baby to unfasten them. Made from 100% cotton, they’re available in a variety of cute stripe colors for girls and boys. ($22, EscapeeJays.com)

Primo Travel Potty Seat

Letting your tot use a public bathroom while she’s potty training can be a wee bit stressful. Just pull the Primo potty seat out of your bag, unfold, and stick it on any toilet seat to shrink it down to a kid-friendly. Your child holds onto the side handles so he’ll never have to touch a germy toilet and you leave the bathroom quicker than you’ve ever imagined. ($13, PrimoBaby.com)

Go Pod Portable Stay-and-Play center

Unlike clunky saucers or bouncy seats, the Go Pod folds up, making it a fully portable play center. That makes it easy to pack and set up anywhere, meaning you’ll no longer have to restrict your baby to her positioner or carrying seat when you aren’t home. ($35, OneStepAhead.com)


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